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Hearts And Minds In Iraq

[Via AMERICABlog] The new Iraqi Ambassador to the United States, Samir Sumaidaie, presented his credentials to President Bush yesterday. With him however he brought more than his credentials, he also brought with him a personal story of the quagmire the … Continue reading

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The Great Game

    On January 13, 1842 a wounded and battered British military doctor, Dr. William Brydon, riding atop a dying horse arrived at the British garrison in Jalalabad. He was the only survivor of the 16,000 strong British Army that was in … Continue reading

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Tim Russert Calls For Blood In Nir Rosen’s Killing Fields

Tim Russert lives in the faux reality created by George W Bush about Iraq. He is apparently convinced that America will stand down when Iraqis get mowed down. Appearing on CNN’s Late Edition Russert left the comfortable inanity of being … Continue reading

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Enduring Freedom At The Altar Of Infinite Justice

What do we tell the Iraqi people now? What reason do we give to the Iraqi people for our continued occupation? How do we explain the occasional errant bomb that tears apart a family? How do we explain the lack … Continue reading

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Wide World Of Blogs!

  Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of the web…the thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat…the human drama of athletic blogging…this is Mash’s Wide World of Blogs! Ok, so the Wide World Of Blogs did not die an … Continue reading

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