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Liz Trotta: There And Back Again

Yesterday Liz Trotta of Fox News made a dangerous mistake on air. Today she apologized. Unlike Hillary Clinton, she did not say she "regretted" if "anyone was offended". She said she was "sorry". That is how it is done. Contrast … Continue reading

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Liz Trotta And The Permission Slip

Liz Trotta of Fox News slips up. Hillary Clinton offered the permission slip. Others are using it. Below is the entire segment on Fox News: BONUS UPDATE: Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist, this morning on CBS’s Face The Nation circling the … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Op-Ed: Unapologetic and Delusional

This morning Hillary Clinton has an op-ed in the Daily News. In it she remains unapologetic about her RFK assassination comments. Instead she says that those who were offended took her "entirely out of context". She is "dismayed and disturbed" … Continue reading

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Permission Slip

Hillary Clinton has a habit of planting suggestions into the political landscape. Today she suggested that Barack Obama might be assassinated, with her waiting in the wings to take up the Democratic nomination. She invoked Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination in … Continue reading

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15 Super Delegates To Win The Nomination

Barack Obama needs approximately 15 super delegates to win the Democratic nomination. With today’s results in Kentucky and Oregon Barack Obama has 1961 total delegates according to DemConWatch. There are still 17 more delegates outstanding from Oregon according to CNN’s … Continue reading

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