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Barack Obama’s Hawkish National Security Team

The Associated Press is reporting that Barack Obama will announce Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State this Monday. ABC News reports that the entire national security team will be announced Monday. ABC News reports on the makeup of the … Continue reading

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Interview With Mumbai Terrorist (Translated)

Indian news outlets have reported that one of the terrorists from Oberoi Hotel called into the India TV television station. He claimed to be from the Deccan Mujahideen and recited his demands. Earlier, an email from a group calling itself … Continue reading

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Barack Obama has named my favorite economist, Austan Goolsbee, as Staff Director and Chief Economist of the newly formed Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Goolsbee has also been appointed one of the three members of the Council of Economic Advisors. I … Continue reading

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The Hillary Clinton Drama: The “Offer”

[Via Politico] Elizabeth Drew in the New York Review of Books writes about the so called "offer" that Hillary Clinton is now ready to accept: Obama’s meetings with Hillary Clinton and John McCain about playing important roles in his presidency … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton At State: Toward A Weak Foreign Policy

It is now reported in the media as universal truth that Hillary Clinton is "on track" to be Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Apparently Clinton has made her anti-Shermanesque statement on the issue: something to the effect, according to "Clinton … Continue reading

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