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Amateur Hour

If the President of the United States calls you and congratulates you on being offered an ambassadorship, it is reasonable for you to start packing your bags for a long trip overseas. Or so you would think. Unless you are … Continue reading

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Shoe Journalism

President Bush successfully dodged two size 10 shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist today. As far as I know, the journalist did not ask a followup question. I come from a country that has a long tradition of … Continue reading

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Good Choice

The Associated Press just confirmed that Barack Obama has picked Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware as his running mate. It is a good choice. From the AP: The Associated Press has learned that Delaware Senator Joe Biden is Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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“F*** yeah”: Worse Than Abu Ghraib

They scrawled the words "Fuck yeah" on the pages of the Holy Koran and then they shot it full of holes. Last week a few American soldiers in Iraq thought it would be cool to use the Koran for target … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Nelson Mandela Found Alive After Being Pronounced Dead

"I heard somebody say, where’s Mandela? Well, Mandela is dead, because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas." – George W. Bush, September 20, 2007 A day after President Bush declared to the world that Nelson Mandela had been killed by … Continue reading

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