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Angels From The Sea: The Soft Power of The United States

Today the Washington Post reports on another example of the Bush administration’s disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina. While Katrina victims suffered the Bush administration failed to make use of the massive outpouring of aid from foreign countries: As the winds and … Continue reading

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George Tenet Slams The President

George Tenet is pissed. His reputation has been soiled. The Medal of Freedom is weighing on him. Tenet complains to CBS: A former U.S. spy chief accused President Bush’s administration of ruining his reputation by misusing a "slam dunk" comment … Continue reading

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Breaking: Military Government Losing Ground In Bangladesh

[Via Drishtipat] The military government in Bangladesh has given up trying to exile two former prime ministers due to pressure from within the country and from the international community. There is breaking news from and the Daily Star from Bangladesh: … Continue reading

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Watch This Space

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Fighting Back Against The Army In Bangladesh

The military in Bangladesh has suffered a setback in its systematic plan to dismantle democracy in what was the world’s 5th most populous democracy. There have been a number of fast breaking developments in the last 48 hours. Early yesterday … Continue reading

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