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Macaca Mania!!! – Part Deux

It is time to send George Allen back to the dude ranch. It is time to send Jim Webb to the Senate. I have started an ActBlue fundraising page to support Jim Webb and a few other candidates who need … Continue reading

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The End Of An Era

      "Of one thing we may be sure. The future will never have to ask, with misgiving, what could the Nazis have said in their favor. History will know that whatever could be said, they were allowed to … Continue reading

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What We Have Lost, Part Deux

Bill Clinton exposes the Fox News hit job and sets the record straight: George W Bush explains why we attacked the wrong country:  

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What We Have Lost

Then.. And now…

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Cyrus The Liar

[Via Taylor Marsh] Cyrus Nowrasteh, the writer of the ABC fiction entitled "The Path to 9/11" wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on Monday defending himself and his script. His op-ed was titled "The Path to Hysteria: My … Continue reading

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