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The Panderer Versus The Coffee Machine

All you latte-drinking Obama supporters keeping score at home should take note that the Panderer-in-Chief was fixing herself a cappuccino while on her fake gas station visit.

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Barack Obama On Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Barack Obama spoke out today in North Carolina.  

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A Defining Moment For Barack Obama

Over the weekend and this morning Barack Obama’s former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright burst back onto the national scene – this time by his own choice and in full context. In doing so he has created the most significant challenge … Continue reading

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Watching The Pennsylvania Results Come In

1:50AM With 98.91% of the precincts reporting the Pennsylvania secretary of state reports Clinton 54.3% to Obama 45.7%, or a margin of between 8 and 9 points. There is currently a vote difference of 193,377. Hillary Clinton, after all the … Continue reading

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Closing Argument

Hillary Clinton’s closing argument in Pennsylvania: Barack Obama’s closing argument in Pennsylvania: and Bill Clinton tells you why you should vote for Barack Obama: Pennsylvania goes to the polls tomorrow. The polls have steadied over the last week and, while … Continue reading

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