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Let The Superdelegates Decide

Throughout this race the Clinton campaign has maintained that the superdelegates should use their own judgment in deciding which candidate to back. Clinton has maintained that superdelegates are not beholden to the will of the people. Her thuggish backers have … Continue reading

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Dith Pran, September 27, 1942 – March 30, 2008

Dith Pran, who survived the Killing Fields of Cambodia, has died today at the age of 65. Dith Pran was Sydney Schanberg’s photographer and journalistic partner in Cambodia. When Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge in 1975, Schanberg was … Continue reading

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James Carville Has Jumped The Shark

Tonight on CNN’s Larry King Live James Carville continued his attack on Governor Bill Richardson. He called Richardson "disloyal" for endorsing Barack Obama. And he named names. When asked to explain he said that he would provide initials of people … Continue reading

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Remembering A Forgotten Genocide

Today marks 37 years of independence for a tiny country I love, a country that gave me birth before it was itself born, a country founded on the belief that freedom is precious and worth dying for, a country of … Continue reading

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Sinbad, Lies, And Videotape

The news reports BBC News video CBS news story. ABC news story. Associated Press story. The Tall Tale

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