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Sunita Paul Continues To Plagiarize

It appears that “Sunita Paul” cannot help herself. Even after facing charges of plagiarism, she continues to plagiarize. According to “Sunita Paul”‘s bio on American Chronicle, she is “considered as an expert of South Asian affairs, counter-terrorism and international relations.” However, when … Continue reading

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Sunita Paul: More Plagiarism

I guess I am not the only one who “Sunita Paul” plagiarizes. It appears that she even plagiarizes big name reporters. Consider the April 5, 2009 article by “Sunita Paul” in the American Chronicle entitled “DPRK: Missile-Satellite Controversy” – one … Continue reading

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Who Is ‘Sunita Paul’?

Today The Daily Star published my op-ed “Who is ‘Sunita Paul’?” The op-ed expands on my post on Sunita Paul from last week. The full op-ed follows: ———– Saturday, April 11, 2009 Who is ‘Sunita Paul’?  Mashuqur Rahman “SUNITA PAUL” is an … Continue reading

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Sunita Paul: Plagiarist

Sunita Paul is a plagiarist. Sunita Paul is a “journalist” who has recently been publishing a series of sensational articles about Bangladesh. She has caused quite a stir because her articles make extraordinary claims, based on anonymous sources, about the political situation in … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Vs. Jim Cramer

The full unedited interview from last night’s Daily Show is below. Host Jon Stewart skewered CNBC’s Jim Cramer in a riveting bit of television. I commend Jim Cramer for going on The Daily Show knowing full well he was going … Continue reading

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