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Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Pakistani Newspaper Reports: Dawn (March 1-March 26, 1971)

On March 1, 1971 Pakistani military dictator Yahya Khan postponed the National Assembly session that was to be held after the December 1970 elections. In doing so he had crossed the Rubicon. In the first 25 days of March 1971, … Continue reading

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A Baby Named Cyclone

[Cross posted at Daily Kos, Never In Our Names, Taylor Marsh, and Diatribune] Cyclone Sidr battered Bangladesh last Thursday taking an yet unknown number of lives in its path. The latest official reports put the death toll over 2000.  No … Continue reading

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What Say You Mr. Bush?

Someone please explain to me why we bombed into the Stone Age the most secular Arab country in the Middle East while kissing and holding hands with the most backward ruling elite in perhaps the entire world. Please justify this Mr. Bush: … Continue reading

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A Few Words About Bangladesh

I was born in a country called Bangladesh – a country half a world away. I live today in the United States. I have never felt as disconnected from the land of my birth as I do today. It is … Continue reading

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Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Newspaper Reports: Bangladesh Observer

The following are newspaper reports on the Bangladesh Genocide from the Bangladesh Observer newspaper. The news reports chronicle the evidence of the genocide as they begin to emerge following the liberation of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971. [Note: This page will be updated … Continue reading

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