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Twitter LiveBlog

Twitter LiveBlog is a WordPress plugin that lets you liveblog on your WordPress blog using Twitter.

Twitter LiveBlog integrates with Twitter and lets you liveblog on your WordPress blog. It gives you the following functionality:

  • Start a liveblogging post using a Twitter update.
  •  Add to the liveblogging post using Twitter updates. Each Twitter update will appear as a separate line in the post with a timestamp.
  • End a liveblogging post using a Twitter update.

Latest Release: Version 1.1 .2 (4/9/2009)

The Twitter LiveBlog plugin is available on the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. Visit the Twitter LiveBlog page.

Download | Readme | SVN Repository

Version 1.1.2 changes

  • Bug fix: Fixed problem with tweets immediately preceding an “//ELB//” tweet getting occasionally dropped.

Version 1.1.1 changes

  • Bug fix: Fixed problem with liveblog posts being scheduled for future publication if your server timezone setting is ahead of your WordPress timezone setting. For example, if your server is on the East Coast and your WordPress timezone is set to West Coast, the liveblog posts were being published three hours late. Thanks to @chrisale_ for helping isolate this bug.

Version 1.1 changes

  • Links within tweets are now clickable. Thanks to @WinObs for the suggestion.
  • Bug fix: Fixed the “Warning: Cannot modify header information” message that appeared when saving plugin options on some installations.

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90 Responses to WordPress Plugins

  1. Karthik.K says:

    Is auto refresh coming to the plugin sometime?

  2. Roamer145 says:

    How about an option on creating a new live blog post that allows @ replies to you to show as well, showing who they are from, and only added if a blog tag (ex #lb) is added. A live discussion logging on a topic.

    BillyBobJenkins: @Roamer145 I noticed you said that blaa blaa blaa #lb 12:00am
    @BillyBobJenkins Yes I did. Blaa blaa blaa. 12:01am

  3. James Mappin says:


    Is there any way of this being updated on the fly without having to refresh the page?



  4. Thanks for writing about this. There’s a mass of great tech info on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your website. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs fairly on-going, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a big job with this one. How do you do it?

  5. Chanzilla says:

    I love the timestamp feature. I wish the Twitter Tools did that with its daily digest. In fact, rather than using the hashcode, would it be possible to just automate the plugin to schedule a daily post that grabs that day’s tweets and lists them by timestamp? That’s all I really want. Otherwise, I will have to start each day with a nlb and end it with blb, every single day. But oh, boy, I like the way the posts turn out with this plug-in!

  6. I love your plugin and it was so useful at SXSW last year, hover it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress 3.0.1. Any chance of a new version coming soon?

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  9. Lisa Harding says:

    I installed it and have tried everything but it doesnt work at all in WordPress 3. I have checked my username and password countless times yet nothing.
    Any ideas?

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  11. Scott says:

    Do you have anything like this anymore for wordpress 3.0?

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  14. doggybag says:

    running 3.1 WP and your plugin just will not play ball … I am so disappointed as this was just what I was looking for – the answer to my prayers on how to live twitter onto the site … such a shame …. has anybody out there managed to get it to work on 3.1 ?


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  16. Jay says:

    Does this plugin conform to twitters new ()oauth protocols? because it doesn’t work for me

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