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The Bangladesh Military Tilts At Windmills

The newspapers in Bangladesh fed us the party line. They declared that a "foreign body" had been provoking labor unrest in Bangladesh’s garment industry. Never mind that rising food prices and unpaid back wages have driven those who already live … Continue reading

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Breaking: 4 Dhaka University Professors And 11 Students Battle The Farce In Bangladesh

Four Dhaka University professors and 11 students who have been held since last August by Bangladesh’s military government have just been freed. Four students who are absconding have been convicted of "crimes" and sentenced to 4 2 years imprisonment. The … Continue reading

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Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Video: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Homecoming In Independent Bangladesh

NBC News (1/10/1972) Video of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s return to Bangladesh after 10 months of imprisonment in Pakistan.

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Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendro And Bangladesh’s Declaration Of Independence

[Cross posted at E-Bangladesh] This post is coauthored by MMR Jalal and Mash The last message from Dacca Betar Kendro was delivered by announcer Nazma Akhtar. She declared: "The 75 million people of Bangla Desh, freedom-loving as they are, have been subjected … Continue reading

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Unelected In, Unelected Out

My German is rusty, but I think the saying goes something like this: So ist das Leben. Manchmal ist man in, manchmal ist man aus. Such is life. Sometimes one is in, sometimes one is out. In an act of … Continue reading

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