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“This Madness Must Stop”

  [Click on image to play video]   [Via Taylor Marsh] With Republicans like these who needs Democrats. Let’s hope the Democrats can find some backbone by following Senator Hagel’s lead. Sadly, I doubt they will. CNN has the story.

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I Survived Blogathon 2006

Blogathon 2006 ended at 9 a.m. Sunday morning. For the 24 hours preceding the end, my fellow bloggers from Bloggers Against Torture and I managed to hammer out 53 posts on torture. You can read all the posts here. I … Continue reading

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War Crime In Qana

    Israel late Saturday night killed more than 60 Lebanese civilians including at least 34 children in an airstrike on a building in the Lebanese village of Qana. I was up last night blogging as part of the Blogathon … Continue reading

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Hugo And Vladimir Make A Deal

In the age of terrorism, the international arms bazaar is alive and well. While George W Bush myopically marches forward in his War on Terror, the rest of the world is quietly arming themselves and taking sides. Last week, America’s … Continue reading

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Detainee 546

Detainee 546 at Guantanamo Bay is an Afghan farmer named Muhibullah. He was picked up by Afghan warlords and likely sold to the American forces in Afghanistan. Muhibullah is a Pashtu speaking farmer who is poor and illiterate. He is … Continue reading

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