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Sarah Palin’s Israel Flag Tale Grows Taller

Today Sarah Palin gave a softball interview to Hugh Hewitt. It was part of the McCain campaign’s reintroduction of Sarah Palin on friendlier turf. Most of the interview focused on the mean media’s unfair attacks on the Governor. Toward the … Continue reading

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Two For Tuesday

Sarah Palin examines the wonders of aging with Katie Couric (psst…her running mate is really old). Sarah Palin discusses her reading habits.

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Losing $1.2 Trillion To Save $700 Billion

The House Republicans are a bunch of financial morons. They played politics today with the life savings of the American people – apparently on the altar of ideology. Just like John McCain, who turned this very serious situation into a … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin on CBS (with Chaperone)

Tonight’s CBS News interview is quite sad really. Sarah Palin brought a chaperone to the interview with Katie Couric. John McCain tried to clean up Palin’s recent Pakistan remarks by jumping in and speaking on her behalf, before letting her … Continue reading

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The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Via Daily Kos

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