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Sans The Internets

I just moved into my new house (conveniently located in the same neighborhood as my old house). Since I am horrible at planning ahead, I am now without an internet connection until next Tuesday. However, when I am back on … Continue reading

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What Exactly Is The Mission?

Is this the mission? (Warning: Please do not watch the following video if you cannot handle reality.) Does this man know what the mission is? BLITZER: But there is a terrible situation there. CHENEY: No, there is not. There is … Continue reading

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Showing Him The Way

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia delivered the Democratic response to President Bush’s State of the Union speech tonight. I think I can safely say that in eight minutes Senator Webb laid waste to President Bush’s "surge" fantasies. There was confusion … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Michelle Malkin Exposes Iraq

Intrepid warblogger Michelle Malkin has exposed the deception, the lies, the manipulation, the rumors that is the Associated Press today. This factanista of a blogger, this selfless wanderer, this hero to all journalists has saved the world from the lies … Continue reading

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Maybe I am easily amused, but a little nugget I discovered via Americablog has just made my day (and my daughter loves it too). Meet Matt Harding, who literally dances his way around the world. Enjoy the video and the wonderful … Continue reading

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