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Maliki’s Death Warrant

The Bush Administration has effectively signed Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s Death Warrant. The memo from National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley that undermined the Bush-Maliki summit in Jordan has now made Nouri al-Maliki a marked man in Iraq. Whether that was … Continue reading

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The Way Forward In Iraq

    The talk of Washington is the Iraq Study Group. Everyone, including the Democrats, is waiting for the two beltway sages, James Baker and Lee Hamilton, to rescue them from the chaos in Iraq. You will recall that some time ago … Continue reading

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Rock The Casbah

    "Rock The Casbah" is probably the most misunderstood political song of modern times, but like this post it has nothing to do with rock and roll and everything to do with politics and religion… I don’t often write … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

    To all who visit this blog, Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks to those who share their thoughts on this blog and enrich our little virtual community. Thanks to those who read in silence and continue to come back. We all … Continue reading

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So Much Hate

By now I am sure everyone has seen and heard Michael Richards’ racist tirade at the Laugh Factory. Tonight he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman trying to explain his actions. I just finished watching his halting apology … Continue reading

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