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Song Of Freedom, Love And Loss

    There is a song that every Bangladeshi knows. It is a song that defines us as a people. It is a song about love and loss. The song in Bengali is called Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano and it … Continue reading

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Bush Vs. Cheney

The New York Times today puts Mr. Cheney at the center of Plame-gate. This bit of news will not come as a surprise to anyone. The real "news" in the article is buried deep.  The article portrays Mr. Bush as … Continue reading

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Toward A More Unstable World

In his often brilliant, and sometimes misguided, analysis of the international system, The Inequality of Nations, Robert W. Tucker wrote: "The history of the international system is a history of inequality par excellence." It is the inequality between nation-states, divided roughly … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Americans Caught With Iranian Weapons In Iraq

United States officials in Baghdad were reported to be in possession of Iranian made weapons. In a brazen display of "intelligence", the Americans proudly showed off their Iranian-made weapons to reporters: The BBC’s Jane Peel attended the briefing in Baghdad, … Continue reading

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How To Start A War

Michael Gordon of the New York Times announces today that the "Deadliest Bomb in Iraq is made by Iran". The pages of the Gray Lady once again beat the drums of war. The "intelligence" is damning: The most lethal weapon … Continue reading

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