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Predicting Pennsylvania: Clinton 52.8%, Obama 47.2%

It is the last weekend before the Pennsylvania primary. Most of the polling has been completed and now all that remains is for the Democrats in Pennsylvania to make their preferences known. In the last month and a half, Barack … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Talking Point: Hillary Clinton Accepted Money From Convicted Terrorist

The Hillary Clinton campaign is very worried about what the right-wing noise machine will do to Barack Obama should he become the Democratic nominee. So, in a friendly show of Democratic solidarity, the Clinton campaign has been digging up and … Continue reading

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ABC Plays The Race Card

There was something very odd about last night’s Democratic presidential debate on ABC. Certainly the bulk of the debate was directed at challenging Barack Obama on issues that Hillary Clinton has tried to make hay off in the last month … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton To White Working-Class Southerners: Screw ’em

The Panderer-in-Chief Hillary Clinton tells us how she really feels about blue-collar America: "’Screw ’em,’ she said, ‘you don’t owe them a thing, Bill, they’re doing nothing for you.’ Bill rose to their defense, ‘as if rehearsing an old but … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton cares so much about Pennsylvanians that she doesn’t even bother to put real Pennsylvanians in her "Pennsylvania" man-on-the-street attack ad, while real Pennsylvanians boo her: It is no surprise that Americans simply don’t trust Hillary Clinton. It is becoming … Continue reading

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