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Two For The Price Of One (And Goolsbee!?!)

Barack Obama is set to announce that his Treasury Secretary will be the current President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Tim Geithner. Obama will also announce that former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers will be his director of … Continue reading

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Blithering Idiot At The Slaughterhouse

Blithering idiot Sarah Palin pardons turkey and then gives an interview while turkeys are being slaughtered right behind her. Viewer discretion advised.

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Eric Holder On The Rule Of Law

[Via Andrew Sullivan] Our next Attorney General’s thinking on the rule of law: Eric H. Holder Jr., Deputy Attorney General during the Clinton administration, asserted in a speech to the American Constitution Society (ACS) that the United States must reverse … Continue reading

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The Senate Loses A Felon

Republican Senator Ted "Tubes" Stevens has lost his Senate seat to Democrat Mark Begich: Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest serving Republican in Senate history, narrowly lost his re-election bid Tuesday, marking the downfall of a pillar of the U.S. Senate … Continue reading

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The Good News, The Bad News And The Hillary News

Former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder has apparently been offered the job of Attorney General. This is an inspired choice. Holder is highly qualified and will bring the emphasis back on justice in the Justice Department. I was hoping he … Continue reading

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