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Kennedy Derangement Syndrome

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of John F. Kennedy, is apparently interested in the New York Senate seat that will be vacated by Hillary Clinton. Good for her. I hope New Yorkers think it is good for them as well. Markos of … Continue reading

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Pakistan: Terrorism As Military Doctrine

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, earlier this week, the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari wrote an op-ed in The New York Times urging India and Pakistan to work together to battle terrorism. He argued that … Continue reading

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Shoe Journalism

President Bush successfully dodged two size 10 shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist today. As far as I know, the journalist did not ask a followup question. I come from a country that has a long tradition of … Continue reading

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Steve Hildebrand And Progressive Criticism

Steve Hildebrand, the Obama campaign’s steller field general, has a message for me and other like-minded progressives. The message is: "Hush". In a post at the Huffington Post entitled "A Message To Obama’s Progressive Critics", Hildebrand writes: This is not … Continue reading

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One Million Page Views

Sometime yesterday, this little blog crossed the one million page views mark. As I write this, the visit counter tells me there have been 1,002,072 visits to this blog since I started writing on March, 2006. When I started this blog, … Continue reading

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