Wide World of Blogs!

Wide World of Blogs

This post is so big that it needed its own banner! Just like ABC’s Wide World of Sports, I have been spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of the web…the thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat…the human drama of athletic blogging…this is Mash’s Wide World of Blogs!

This is the first post of its kind…and it may be the last…or it may become a regular feature…

I wanted to highlight some fun and worthwhile blogs that I read on a fairly regular basis. Here’s what’s worth reading today…

Jon Swift

This is by far the funniest blog on the Internet. Unfortunately, however, today Jon is suffering from CFS and needs your help. His doctor says that he has something called the "inner Patton" and it needs to be surgically removed. Visit his site and offer him some moral support during his time of need.

Greetings From America’s Finest City

This is where Robbie offers news and views from just north of the border. Today he has a roundup of the nice things people are saying about all things foreign as the immigration debate heats up. By reading his post today I learned the alarming news that the Chinese are poised to invade from the South.


Polimom is a Houston blogger whose posts always contain a large dose of common sense. Today’s post is an update on a day laborer center funded by the city of Houston. Day laborer centers all over the country have increasingly become targets of anti-immigration groups like the Minutemen. In my neck of the woods (in Herndon, Virginia) there was a major controversy over a day laborer center that made national news a few months ago.

 Pickled Politics

This blog offers an interesting window into race relations and immigrant issues in Great Britain. It offers a South Asian perspective on the issues of the day with a decidedly progressive twist. Today’s post discusses the extreme views of Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is either a champion of women against Islam or a hatemonger and an opportunist, depending on where you sit. Regardless of what you think of Ali, she is certainly part of the debate that is raging all over Europe about Islam and its place in the Western World.

Debbie Schlussel

No blog roundup of mine would ever be complete without a little taste of Debbie Schlussel. Debbie is single-handedly keeping the world safe from Islamo-fascists and Muslims in general. Through her vigilance she has kept Detroit from being overrun by the Muslim horde. Her latest act of defense of the Fatherland includes hounding an Islamo-fascist loving Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent. Debbie is well on her way to purging our Government of its Muslim loving ways.

Enjoy the journey and feel free to add your own in the comments.

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