Wide World Of Blogs!


Wide World Of Blogs!

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of the web…the thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat…the human drama of athletic blogging…this is Mash’s Wide World of Blogs!

Ok, since I have yet to get any complaints, I feel like I have a mandate to carry on. This week’s worthy reads are:


To kick off Torture Awareness Month, Donkephant offers a refresher course to the Bush Administration on good manners (as adopted by the United Nations in its Convention Against Torture). This post is a good place to start for all of us. I would especially recommend the post to Mr. Gonzales at the Justice Department.

Blogger Round Table

Ingrid discusses the effect torture has on the torturer. She recalls Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments and how they showed how easy it is to slide incrementally into cruelty and lose one’s own moral compass. It is a glimpse into what our leaders are doing to our men and women on the front lines by their tortured and legalistic justifications of torture.

Thoughts From A Flyover State Refugee

I don’t know what they are doing over there in Kansas! They have decided to dress Keith Olbermann up in tights. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like Keith and I watch him every night, but one has to draw the line somewhere. Go check out the ghastly sight. And while you are there you can also read about how Keith filleted the Big Giant Head over some "fair and balanced" reporting on the atrocities at Malmedy. (And, guys, Olbermann has two N’s)

Life from the trenches….literally

Paul has a video message for the President accompanied by the music of Pink. It is poignant and powerful, as are all his videos. Watch and listen to it in quiet surroundings – it will make quite an impact.

The Bengali Fob Says…

The Fob has World Cup Fever and so do I. Go to her blog and watch Nike’s Juga Bonito video for five minutes of fun. As most of the humans on this planet know the FIFA World Cup begins on June 9th in Germany. If you don’t already love The Beautiful Game (Football or Soccer, if you prefer), here’s your chance to catch the fever. For those who are still not converted, I give you the Antonin Scalia greeting. I am a soccer Fanatic, with a capital F. All through the next month, I will be soccer crazed. So be forewarned that more than once a soccer post may appear on this blog.

That’s it for now. The astute observer will note that I have not highlighted Jon Swift’s latest post this week about the big brains at DHS. That is because I don’t want to become too predictable 🙂

Enjoy the journey!

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8 Responses to Wide World Of Blogs!

  1. Robbie says:

    Complaints? The only complaint you’ll get out of me is if you STOP this feature. Keep it going. It gives us readers something to strive for. 🙂

  2. Mash says:

    Yey! An endorsement! This feature is hereby made permanent. \:d/

  3. Bengali Fob says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! IT’s going to start in 5 more days! Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about all the drama and excitement. Glad to hear you love soccer/football too. Can’t wait to see your blogs on the event. So, which team are you rooting for?

    I usually go for the underdogs and Brazil.

  4. Mash says:

    Fob, I always love to follow Germany, England, Holland and Brazil. But I love watching all the games.

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! \:d/

    Gooooooooooooal!!!! =p~

  5. Robbie says:

    I’m biased….USA! USA! USA! **==

    I have to admit, I’ll be paying more attention to the all-WHA Stanley Cup Final, which starts tomorrow night.

  6. Mash says:

    The US has been steadily improving. They would do a lot better if they were better funded. Unfortunately, this year they are in a very tough group. I’m looking for them to make it into the second round. If they can do that they will have done them proud.

    Most American players are playing in European leagues to gain the experience they need. And within this decade the US team will become a force on the international scene. **==

  7. Ingrid says:

    Hey!! Imagine my surprise to be featured:) Thanks! I was just thinking today what a ‘pressure’ it is to post something everyday and trying to be interesting at the same time. Then I remembered that my best writing (and “best” in quotation marks really, I should perhaps say, most passionate) happens when I feel I have something to say.I have been feeling like withdrawing and just thinking of all the ramifications that I see around me, what with all the online reading I have been doing. I found some great blogs through your endorsements and the blogroll of the anti torture bloggers have some real gems in them as well.
    And ahem..thanks for still considering Holland worthwhile soccer wise. As a kid, I could never care about soccer until we were playing against another country..then it became fun to watch and to sing along; Oranje boooven!!
    Have fun watching Mash and Bengali girl..I am for now just trying to survive the summer with two kids and no summer camps!8-|
    Adios amigos

  8. Thanks so much for the plug on my latest video! I got your comment on my site, but somehow it was eaten by the cyberdogs, oh well, thanks anyway!!

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