Wide World Of Blogs!


Wide World Of Blogs!

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of the web…the thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat…the human drama of athletic blogging…this is Mash’s Wide World of Blogs!

After a long absence the blog reviews are back with a vengeance. Here are this week’s worthy reads:

Independent Opinions

Robbie from San Diego has started a new blog specifically covering politics. His other blog, Greetings From America’s Finest City, will now focus exclusively on sports. Check out his latest post on the Hamdan decision of the Supreme Court at his new blog.

Great Power Is A Blunt Object

Calling all Muslims! Musclemouth has a clip of a video entitled Girls Gone Wild Baghdad posted on his blog. He wants to know if Muslims find this clip offensive. His question is a sincere one and if you are a Muslim please view the clip and offer your feedback in the comments section of his post. I have already left my comments on the clip. Please don’t read the comments before posting your views so that he can capture your first impression. So, if you are a Muslim, or know a Muslim, check out the post or refer others to it. I am looking forward to reading everyone’s feedback – it will be an interesting cultural experiment!

Sabbah’s Blog

As Israel’s "Operation Summer Rain" continues to rain down on the people of Gaza, Sabbah asks "What can they do, kill us?" Read the side of the story we rarely get in the United States. We also learn today that Israel has bombed the Palestinian Prime Minister’s office. I am not sure why the American press thinks this is a surprise after completely failing to cover the story that Israel had notified Mahmoud Abbas by letter that they would assassinate the Palestinian Prime Minister if the kidnapped Israeli soldier was not handed over.

Goddamn I Love America!

Jeremiah Bullfrog not only loves America, he also loves the environment. He shows off his scientific side by debunking the Global Warming myth and keeping the world safe to breathe in. For those of you waiting to exhale, this is just the post for you.

Jon Swift

Jon is still quite upset by this week’s Supreme Court decision in the Hamdan case. He think he knows how the Bush Administration can get around this nuisance of a decision. He recommends that the President declare the Supreme Court justices "Enemy Combatants". It’s a novel and out-of-the-box approach to solving this bump in the road to Guantanamo.

Enjoy the journey!

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5 Responses to Wide World Of Blogs!

  1. Ingrid says:

    I’ve seen musclemouth’s blog (great power…) just recently for the first time and I have to say, often I find interesting blogs by clicking on people’s name when they comment. I wish I had done so before, and I will definitely check out his video when I have time. I will email some of my Muslim blogger friends in private rather than posting it in their comment section,so that they can view it and perhaps promote it themselves. As for John Swift, as you mentioned to this one person on Elendil’s blog, Jon Swift is satire. It’s very subtle and I have to remind myself of it because I think you could easily miss it. Robbie’s site, well, I think he’s a great writer and his viewpoints are a great addition to the world of ‘independent thought’. Sabbah’s I discovered a long time ago and isn’t he also a part of Global Voices Online? Great recommendations this week Mash, and I am not sure if I checked out Jeremiah’s before, but I guess if you recommend it, it must be worth it.

  2. That thar Jon Swift he is right on brother…I am so glad that You is representin the voice of reason…I knew if I preyed hard enuff that Jesus would brang ya to th’ light…:d

  3. Thank you, Mash. I’ll try to update the blog whenever I can. I’m busy rewriting a manusript so my postings will likely be brief for the next month or so. 🙁

  4. Mash says:

    Jeremiah, are you still a member of the Presidential Prayer Team? If so, pray for me, I feel a sin coming on! o:-)

    Robbie, I do these blog reviews mostly as a service to Jeremiah. He doesnt get out much between his ninja training and his Presidential Praying sessions. His only distraction is occasional visits to his Aunt Otha’s. Robbie, meet Jeremiah; Jeremiah meet Robbie. :d

  5. A member….Heck, I is a Presidential Appointee…He must really need money or sumthin’, cuz he emails me all the time fer it…I reckon oil dont pay so good nowadays with them librals drivin electric cars…

    I spend most of my time preying fer the president (I thank it is workin…he is up ta 41% accordin ta Fox)..then I prey fer the troops (that they can stay th’ course).
    I can wurk a preyer in fer ya, but it will have ta be short….sumthin like “Jesus please help Mash ta keep supportin the President”, that way I can still be preyin fer him and include you too…

    BTW, I git out all th time, it is jez at nite when I do my missions…I is a busy country ninja!

    Otha sez Hi…:d

    Howdy Robbie, it is nice ta meet fellow Republicans…

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