Wide World Of Blogs!


Wide World Of Blogs!

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of the web…the thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat…the human drama of athletic blogging…this is Mash’s Wide World of Blogs!

While the world watches Iraq fall apart and Lebanon being bombed back 20 years, bloggers keep the beat with poignant prose and sometimes even humor. This week’s worthy reads are:

Jon Swift

Jon reached a milestone this week. His blog surpassed 100,000 visitors. To mark the occasion, he takes a walk down memory lane to bring us a wonderful selection of comments and emails that he has received since he started blogging. To fully appreciate Jon Swift you must read not just his posts but also the comments associated with them. Congratulations Jon on hitting the big six figure mark in blogging. Don’t forget us little people. (Oh wait, I also crossed 100,000 this week thanks to the Commander-in-Chief’s rear guard offensive against the German Chancellor!)

Jon also tells us this week why World War III is not such a bad idea. I must admit that after reading his post I too am looking forward to World War III. Just like him, I say "Bring it on!" and bring some butter for the popcorn.

Blogger Round Table

Ingrid has a list of peace rallies that are taking place this week against the violence in the Middle East. Eventually with voices of peace multiplying this madness will stop. But in the meantime we will have needlessly lost too many innocent lives.

Things and stuff

Yohay Elam writes from Tel Aviv. He has a very interesting post about his evolving feelings about the current war with Lebanon. I believe many in Israel and Lebanon share his feelings and his mixed emotions about this war. His justified outrage at Hezbollah’s brazen kidnapping is balanced with his concern about civilian deaths in Lebanon. Ultimately his is a triumph of reason over fear. Voices like his will need to win the day if there is to be peace in the Middle East.

Beirut Spring

Thanks to Ingrid for introducing me to this blog. Mustapha blogs from Tripoli, Lebanon. His blog is a must read for some sane commentary on the situation in Lebanon. In particular, he wrote two posts, a day apart, that I find the most revealing. His posts illustrate the folly of the current Israeli campaign against Lebanon. in the first of the two posts, dated July 12th, he chastised Hezbollah for the capture of the Israeli soldiers and writes that the Lebanese hate Hezbollah more than ever. In the second post however, dated July 13th, he calls for the Lebanese to rally around Hezbollah to resist the Israeli onslaught. He writes that there will be an accounting for Hezbollah at some point, but not while Lebanon is under attack. It is a remarkable turn around, and yet, quite predictable.

The Heathlander

Jamie writes about Israel’s escalation and America’s moral culpability. His post is aptly titled "Smart bombs, dumb leader". Succinct and to the point.

Inside Zebster

I am not sure I want to be inside Zebster, but I sure do like his blog. Zebster does a Pink Floyd tribute by quoting from The Final Cut. He makes it quite clear that our leaders today have learned nothing from the past. With overgrown infants in charge is it any wonder that they are throwing shit at each other? As my daughter would say, "poo poo diaper heads", the whole lot of them.

Ask A Ninja

I have been suffering withdrawal since I haven’t seen a post from my favorite ninja, Jeremiah Bullfrog, in more than three weeks! So, I have had to seek out other ninjas to feed my ninja addiction. I must confess that I have been consulting with the ninja advice columnist at Ask A Ninja. He gives sound advice for everyday people from a ninja point of view. This week the ninja answers a viewer’s question about the number 3. Beware though, because ninja math can kill you. Go on over to Ask A Ninja and feel free to seek advice on whatever ails you.

Enjoy the journey!

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8 Responses to Wide World Of Blogs!

  1. I know it has been a long time since I has posted on the blog, but you havta unnerstand that I do very important wurk…Thar is th’ presidential prayer team, security wurk at the pig plant, and I has been on a secret mission that I caint talk about….unless I kill ya!

    As fer your ninjadultery, us country ninjas has feelins!
    -When you cut me do I not bleed?
    -When a heart breaks in the forest compound and no one is thar to hear it, is it broken?

    I wish I knew how ta quit you Mash!…:((

  2. Yohay Elam says:

    Thanks for the interesting review.(Of course it’s interesting when I’m there…)
    I will look into the other blogs. I know only Ingrid. So much to read, so little time…

  3. Ingrid says:

    Yohay, set the record straight..are you a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’:d When writing about other bloggers and at times bumping into names that are totally unfamiliar, it’s anyone’s guess of the gender. Not that it’s important or an issue.. it’s just my frame of reference whether I write ‘he said or she said’..
    Mash, on the list again? 🙂 Gee , thanks! As you mentioned, the list I found through beirutspring but I think you need to go to his profile and check the other blog that he’s involved with to see that list or other updates. It would be a neat thing to get feedback from readers from those countries as to how those peace protests went. I would prefer them to be truly peaceful as they make much more of an impression than getting really testy and acting outrageous. I believe that those protests are not about you getting your free frustration valve release, but it’s a way to be heard and seen by those who would not agree with you. That’s the point isn’t it?
    Great list , and great company (yeaZebsta)

  4. Mash says:

    Jeremiah, I’m sorry o:-)

    I didn’t mean to hurt your ninja feelings. I saw your latest post and now there is no need to see the ninja advice columnist again. Although he does have a cool theme song. :d

    You should consider a theme song…although I suppose as a ninja you want to be as silent as possible.

  5. Mash says:

    Yohay, you are welcome. Ingrid is like a tour guide for the blogosphere! 🙂

    I look forward to reading your posts. Stay safe. I pray that this conflict does not touch Tel Aviv.

  6. Mash says:

    Oh, Ingrid, I almost forgot, I think he is a he (that made no sense!).

  7. Zebster says:

    :”> The honor’s all mine, Mash. I’m glad you like.
    “They like me…they really like me.”

  8. Yohay Elam says:

    Thanks, I’m safe, and yup, I’m a “he”.

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