Mash Takes A Holiday

I am sorry folks for the sudden disappearance. My daughter arrived last Monday from her long vacation. I took the last two days off from work to spend time with her.  We have been very busy catching up and spending quality time together. I meant to put up a post explaining my absence earlier but did not get a chance.

I will be back on my regular posting schedule either tonight or tomorrow night. Thanks to everyone for your concerned emails and comments.

– Mash

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7 Responses to Mash Takes A Holiday

  1. Ingrid says:

    Hooray, I figured as much! Enjoy your time off with her,

  2. Taysiir says:

    Have fun 🙂

  3. Robbie says:

    He’s back!

    No worries, sir. I’m glad she’s back home safe and sound. You should check out my blog. I got my first pro-Atlas Shrugs troll and I smacked him down pretty good and I skewered another column. Tonight’s victim was Pat Buchanan.

    I might have to do that every night. That was very therapeutic. :d

  4. doro says:

    Mash, enjoy yourselves! I’m happy to hear all are safe.

  5. Group Captain Mandrake says:

    Glad to hear it. Have fun!

  6. Yohay Elam says:

    I wasn’t worried. Its August, many are on vacation…

  7. odanny says:

    Good to hear you’ll be posting again. \:d/

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