Asia Blog Awards

Asia Blog AwardsThe nominees for the 3rd annual Asia Blog Awards have been selected. To my surprise I found out that I have been selected as a nominee for Best Bangladesh Blog Q1 2006/2007.  The complete list of nominees for Best Bangladesh Blog are:

Visit the Asia Blog Awards website for a list of all the categories.

I believe voting begins in September. I am supposed to campaign for votes so here is my campaign slogan: if you don’t vote for me, the terrorists win!

On a more serious note, visit the Awards website for links to some great blogs from Asia, about Asia, or by Asians. There is a surprising variety of blogs to choose from and enjoy.

As for me, I never win anything, so I am working on my concession post at the moment. Seriously, I never win anything. A while ago I was in Atlantic City, I picked one of two available slot machines in a casino I was donating money to, and just as I sat down, two guys dropped a few coins into the one I decided not to play, and you guessed it, they hit the jackpot.

Good luck to all the nominees. Enjoy some interesting reading.


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13 Responses to Asia Blog Awards

  1. Group Captain Mandrake says:

    If you really wanna win, hire Karl Rove to Swift-Boat those other blogs. He can photoshop some pics of those other guys hitting babies or poisoning food supplies.

  2. doro says:

    Best wishes from me. No surprise actually. Your writing can’t be but appreciated.

  3. Taysiir says:

    Hey good luck Mash 🙂

  4. Robbie says:

    I wish you luck. Did you notice I had to go back to Blogger because of the spam comments I was receiving over the past week? Sifting through 50 of them a day was too much work.

    No worries, though. Just click on my name above and it will take you back to the place where my blogging started from.

  5. Ingrid says:

    Mash, congrats! I suspect that your ‘never’ win anything streak might come to an end soon! You know I’ve been an admirer and a fan of your writing on all accounts so naturally, you have my vote! So instead of working on your concession post, start planning for a party!
    Ingrid (good to see you back my friend. In our little online world, being away for a week seems like ages!!’s your little girl doing?)

  6. Dangit I is sooo jealous…I never win anything either…cep’n my “pig poker of the month” award frum the slaughterhouse….

    I reckon it is gonna come down ta whoever preys ta Jesus more…so you better git started!

    I will put in a good word in fer ya to th’ President…but i dont thank he knows whare Asia is…I heard they broke up myself…

  7. odanny says:

    I have quite a few blogs on my Favorites list and this one may per chance be the finest among them. I think you will win.

  8. Mr. Rumsfeld says:

    Dear Mash, thank you for taking a few days off.

  9. doro says:

    Hi Mash,

    what’s up? I hope you and your family are all well. 😕

  10. odanny says:

    Okay time to get back to work, you’ve been screwing around long enough

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