Macaca Mania!!!



Step right up and answer the very first poll question on this blog!

Question: Which is worse?

  1. Being a racist?
  2. Being a moron?
  3. Being a racist moron?

George "Macaca" Allen and James Webb went boot-to-boot yesterday on Meet The Press (click for video) and this afternoon on a televised debate. After watching both appearances I am left to wonder whether it might not be a good idea to force Senators to pass a written test to continue to occupy taxpayer funded office. If any of you readers are able to explain to me what George Allen was saying about Iraq, I would be eternally grateful. I was only able to discern the following from the macaca man’s ramblings:

  • be loyal to George Bush
  • heck, even the French want Iraqi oil
  • stay the course
  • don’t tuck tail and run
  • no retreat, no surrender
  • al Qaeda wants to rule the world and place the capital of Binladenistan in Iraq
  • Anbar is hard work
  • gosh, the Kurds even run ads on the TeeVee

I think the choice in November for Virginians is rather clear. The choice is between two-digit IQ and three-digit IQ; between dude rancher and decorated marine; between macaca and man.

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7 Responses to Macaca Mania!!!

  1. Robbie says:

    I pick #3! :d

    George Allen is a loser. He’ll prove it on November 7th.

  2. Zafa says:

    A racist-moron is exactly what Allen is. He reportedly had a fondness for Confederate flags in his youth and as a career politician staunchly opposed a state holiday in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
    If you believe in the saying “A man is known by the company he keeps” Allen proves the point. His close confidante includes Ann Coulter (yep, the goddess of humanity herself).


  3. Ingrid says:

    8-| ehm…what number again?? (hehe)
    the thing with illiterate sounding politicians is that unfortunately there are enough voters out there (sorry, but especially the RR types) who are not particularly articulate in terms of logic and reasoning. This country being as insular as it is will always give rise to the dumb dumber and dumbest (flip side, evil, evil-er, and evil-est!)

  4. vienna local says:

    Not to worry. Senator Macaca asked his mommy and found out that, yes, he indeed has Jewish ancestors:

    Now that he’s embracing his Jewish roots, how does that affect his standing with the CCC, the KKK, and the rest of of his Bigot Base?

  5. Robbie says:

    Good point, Vienna. I bet he’s in denial, one of the seven stages of grief. =))

  6. Mash says:

    Vienna, great article!

    I think Allen is looking for a blood transfusion so that he can keep the support of the “base”. >:)

    I think his claim that he did not “probe deeply” into his family heritage either means he is lying or that he has no curioisity. Hmm, sounds like someone else we know. :(|)

  7. James says:

    Captain Macaca has always been a dickhead.
    He turned Virginia into NYC’s trash dump.

    He created the only Let’s Honor Slavery Month.

    He is just a bully and an idiot.

    Oh and a liar. His latest ad claims Webb was only in Reagan’s admin for 10 months. Actually he was in it for 4 years: 10 as Sec of the Navy, and the rest as Under Sec of Defense. This can be proven as he was before congress TWICE before confirmation for both posts *shakes head*

    What a dipshit moron.
    Webb better counter that ad.

    Oh, and now that he has found out, Allen NOW embraces his Jewish heritage!! Now he has to promote hate-speech about…well…himself.

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