Macaca Mania!!! – Part Deux

ActBlueIt is time to send George Allen back to the dude ranch. It is time to send Jim Webb to the Senate. I have started an ActBlue fundraising page to support Jim Webb and a few other candidates who need a little fundraising boost down the home stretch.



The candidates I am currently fundraising for are:

  • Jim Webb (VA -Sen)
  • Ned Lamont (CT-Sen)
  • Claire McCaskill (MO-Sen)
  • Jon Tester (MT-Sen)

You can click on the Actblue graphic to get to my fundraising page or you can contribute directly using the forms below.

To distribute your funds evenly among all the candidates, use this form:

My contribution: $

 To contribute to a specific candidate, use this form:

James Webb (VA-Sen) $
Ned Lamont (CT-Sen) $
Claire McCaskill (MO-Sen) $
Jon Tester (MT-Sen) $

Every little bit helps. No amount is too small. These candidates could sure use our support. You can contribute or fundraise by setting up your own ActBlue fundraising page.

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14 Responses to Macaca Mania!!! – Part Deux

  1. Zafa says:

    Good luck with Webb.
    I live in TN (yep, a naturalized hillbillie). Gotta make sure Ford gets to win the senate race – the alternative Corker will be disastrous! He’s fixated on the border and immigration issue. Ford isn’t doing all that well so far…but we’ll see.
    I campaigned (first ever in my life) for a neighbor-friend during the county elections in August, and met some who’s-who in my precinct. They’re hopeful about Ford.

  2. Robbie says:

    If I can, I’ll contribute. Any chance part of our donations can go towards buying George Allen a truckload of bananas? :d

  3. Mash says:

    Robbie, I will see if I can arrange the banana delivery for you. \:d/

    Zafa, I havent’ been following Harold Ford’s situation much. What are the current polls like?

  4. Fool me once... says:

    A recent Zogby poll has Jim Webb slightly ahead in VA, with just over 50% support.

    Even out here in the boondocks of Virginia, the Webb bumper stickers *far* outnumber the Allen stickers. If Allen is still counting on “backwoods” (i.e. not NOVA) Virginians voting for him, because they don’t know any better, he’s in for a rude awakening in Nov.

    Finally, Mash, congrats on breaking 200K “total visits”.

  5. odanny says:

    Jim Webb, former Secretary of the Navy, running against a confederate flag loving, redneck son of a former football coach who enjoys using racial slurs.

    Decisions, decisions…..

  6. mary kriegshauser says:

    thank you for including claitr mccaskill on your list. please show some love and donate. we are working hard to oust sen. talent who has voted with bush 94% of the time, thanks again!

  7. cyberotter says:

    Great job Mash. Excellent choices.

  8. Zebster says:

    It’s beyond me, when you see and hear Harold Ford speak, that he’d be struggling to win anywhere. We need many more Harold Fords.

    Look at Allen and you immediately see, sense and smell disingenuous. Amazing it works on half the population. Goes to show as long as you have that R in front of your name, it matters not what you stand for or what you don’t.

  9. Harold Ford Jr. voted to gut the Constitution the other night. He voted for torture. He’s not getting a dime from me.

  10. I jez want ta point out that I has fully explained Allen’s quotes over at my camp…If you read it you will see that he was horribly misunderstood….:((

  11. Zafa says:

    Hope you’re a registered voter in TN.:-“

  12. Mash says:

    Robbie, my list does not include Harold Ford. Torture seems to be so in fashion these days.

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