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The Vietnamization Of George W Bush

George W Bush’s drive-by presidency continues to haunt the world. This week finds Mr. Bush in the unlikeliest of places. After driving us into a quagmire in Iraq, Mr. Bush took a holiday in another American quagmire – Vietnam. His … Continue reading

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Freedom For Mirza Tahir Hussain

Justice was delayed 18 years, but today it has come: A British man on Pakistan’s death row for 18 years was freed Friday and flew out of the country following an act of clemency by President Gen. Pervez Musharraf that … Continue reading

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Thugs Go High Tech

You know, where I am from, the thugs who sometimes call themselves cops get their kicks the old fashioned way, they beat the crap out of you. In America, we like our justice high tech. But abuse of power is abuse of … Continue reading

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The Goosestepping Has Begun

Investor’s Business Daily, tell us how you really feel: The likely new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says he’s just fighting bigotry in leading a Democrat jihad to deny law enforcement key terror-fighting tools. But he is in the … Continue reading

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A Technical Failure

    Meanwhile the killing continues… This farming community buried the al-Athamnah family Thursday, after marching through muddy streets bearing the bodies of the dead aloft and reaffirming in angry chants its commitment to war with Israel. Tens of thousands … Continue reading

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