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Muhammad Yunus Accepts The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize

    Today Mohammad Yunus accepted the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in Oslo, Norway. He shares the Nobel Prize jointly with Grameen Bank, the microcredit bank he founded. While Bangladesh teeters on the brink, the ceremony at … Continue reading

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79 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

When George W Bush was presented the Iraq Study Group report last week, according to Lawrence Eagleburger, Mr. Bush’s reaction was "Where’s my drink?" Since its release, the report has been much maligned from both sides of the political aisle. … Continue reading

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An Intervention

The long awaited, much anticipated, and often pre-judged Iraq Study Group report was finally unleashed on Washington. Predictably, it was trashed, even before the ink was dry, in the progressive blogosphere for failing to call for an immediate withdrawal of troops … Continue reading

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Ode To John Bolton

Should I stay or should I go? Sing it now!:

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

From today’s White House press briefing [hat tip: BarbinMD]: Q Tony, I’d like to follow up on the al Hakim meeting, if I can, for just a second. MR. SNOW: Yes, sure. Q U.S. intelligence and military sources have him intimately … Continue reading

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