Breaking News: Michael Ledeen Is Dead

Jon Swift reports exclusively that, according to his sources, Michael Ledeen is dead. TBogg also is tracking this breaking news. Crooks & Liars features the news in its round-up.

So, I’m thinking it must be true. I called my double super secret source deep in the bowels of the Iraqi government and this is what my source reports:

Michael Ledeen was in fact present at Saddam Hussein’s execution. He was one of the masked hangmen who wrapped the noose around Saddam’s neck.

After Saddam was hanged everyone broke out in a fit of breakdancing. In an unfortunate and tragic accident, Mr. Ledeen, while dancing with joy, accidentally fell through the hole in the gallows platform and plummeted to his death. The whole incident was captured on cell phone video by Iraq’s national security advisor Dr. al-Rubaie.

Later, while still shocked from losing such a hero of the Iraqi people, the freedom-loving Iraqis showed their gratitude to Mr. Ledeen by showering his body with flowers and candy.

I have been unable to confirm this story further. Since then, my source deep within the bowels of the Iraqi government, or Deep Shiite, has disappeared.

Please stay tuned for updates as they become available.


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  1. MR. Bill says:

    From your keyboard to Allah’s ears…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The comment about Asad’d photo is funny.
    You think of us middleeasterns the same way we think of chinese, we think they all look similar. Chinese can easily recognize differences between each other, middleeasterns can easily recognize the differences between each other, and we think you most westerns look the same. 🙂

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