Sans The Internets

I just moved into my new house (conveniently located in the same neighborhood as my old house). Since I am horrible at planning ahead, I am now without an internet connection until next Tuesday. However, when I am back on the Internets I will be surfing at light speed on my new Verizon FIOS connection. So, the posts will come fast and furious 🙂

Until then, I will be posting sporadically – assuming I post from my workplace or can piggyback off an unsuspecting neighbor’s unsecured wireless network. I hope that Mr. Bush will give me the courtesy of at least waiting until next week before attacking Iran – I’d hate to miss out on the blogging frenzy.


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3 Responses to Sans The Internets

  1. MR. Bill says:

    Go easy, Mash, and we shall await the return of your wit and perception.
    And the blessings of the One on you and yours…

  2. Ingrid says:

    piggy backing on a neighbour’s network..we have a few unsecured ones in our street.. not that we ever used it:-”
    good luck with the unpacking and working at the same time.. well, at least, you’ve moved..phew!
    So you’re expecting an imminent attack on Iran? Geez, just when I thought I should just chill and get a life and get busy at home with the kids and walking exercises..
    btw, I asked James what FIOS was (being the computer specialist at work) and he said, “we used to send data from here to’s as fast as it comes”!
    later Mash!

  3. Kel says:

    We’ll al be here waiting for you. Enjoy the new house!

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