This is truly disturbing. It is outrageous. A 91 year-old veteran of World War II was beaten mercilessly by a carjacker in a public parking lot in Detroit as people looked on and did nothing. The entire incident was caught on tape.

There is something horribly wrong when a carjacker feels the need to punch an aging veteran 21 times before stealing his car.

Here is the video of the carjacking. It is difficult to watch, and even more difficult to believe that this is happening to a senior citizen and a veteran.

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One Response to Insanity

  1. Yiri says:

    I truly loathe my inclination towards stating the obvious without even making an effort to find words that are plausible and yet not 100% cynical at the same time… however…

    Cultivation of greed under the guise of ignorance might lead to a society where an incident like this might actually manifest itself. But only if one were to combine such a stance without abandoning our species’ inbred instinct to fear pain, loss, and death.

    Luckily no such place could possibly exist on this world, for such a world would have self-destructed sometime during the nuclear arms-race… for sure. Surely?

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