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Who Will Get Whacked Tonight?

When we last saw Tony Soprano, he had gone to the mattresses. Bobby Bacala was sprawled out over a train set and Silvio was clinging to life. Tony was lying in bed with his weapon at the ready; and Phil … Continue reading

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The United States Government’s Case Against Mohiuddin AKM Ahmed

The case against convicted terrorist Mohiuddin AKM Ahmed is overwhelming. The evidence presented at the Bangladesh trial was overwhelming. The case against him in the US courts was overwhelming. On the other hand Mohiuddin’s answers at various times to the United … Continue reading

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Canada Begins To Wake Up To Mohiuddin’s Fiction

Today CBC Radio in Canada aired an interview with Lawrence Lifschultz, former South Asia reporter for the Far Eastern Economic Review. Lifschultz covered the Bangladesh coup of 1975 extensively. He is quite familiar with the killer Majors who orchestrated the … Continue reading

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Robert Francis Kennedy, November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968

On this day in 1968 Robert Francis Kennedy lost his life to an assassin’s bullet. In mourning him today we also celebrate his life. It was a life that gave the world hope. And with hope comes possibility. He said: … Continue reading

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Congressman Jim McDermott’s Support For Convicted Terrorist Mohiuddin AKM Ahmed

Last week I wrote a brief post about Congressman Jim McDermott’s introduction of a private bill, H.R. 2181, that aims to give a green card to convicted terrorist Mohiuddin AKM Ahmed. Today the leading Bangladeshi English language newspaper, The Daily … Continue reading

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