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Allawi The Fabulist

Juan Cole reported earlier this week on a rumor that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki might be toppled in a coup. This rumor comes in the midst of intensifying pressure on Maliki from the Bush administration and members of congress. … Continue reading

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The Kick

"In unprecedented scenes, soldiers in uniform were seen being chased out of the Dhaka university campus by students. In two days, the myth of the army’s omnipotence was all but laid to rest. " – BBC News [Via Rezwan] Shahidul … Continue reading

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A Journalist’s Tale

[Cross posted at E-Bangladesh] [Reports on the latest situation on Bangladesh from Rezwan.] After declaring a curfew on Wednesday, the Bangladesh military began to systematically target journalists for beating and intimidation.   The Committee to Protect Journalists has protested the treatment of … Continue reading

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For Bangladesh

[Cross posted at E-Bangladesh] Today Bangladesh’s military turned its guns and its boots against the very people who it is entrusted to protect. Today when the frustrations of the Bangladeshi people boiled over the army responded with beatings and killings. … Continue reading

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Breaking: Protests Engulf Bangladesh

UPDATES BELOW AS EVENTS UNFOLD It started yesterday when army men who rule now by the gun in Bangladesh behaved as is their nature: The initial cause of the demonstrations was an incident around 3.30pm yesterday when army personnel mercilessly … Continue reading

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