Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Video: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Homecoming In Independent Bangladesh

NBC News (1/10/1972)

Video of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s return to Bangladesh after 10 months of imprisonment in Pakistan.

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9 Responses to Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Video: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Homecoming In Independent Bangladesh

  1. Rehan says:

    Thanks for the video. Gotta love YouTube!!

  2. Kaiser Kabir says:

    Nice digging, Mash!

    There was a documentary called, “Dateline Bangladesh;” do you know where I could access it?

  3. Mash says:

    Rehan, thanks. I am becoming quite a YouTube junkie. :d Any video I post here I will also upload to YouTube. If you havent seen them already, you can find the 3 other videos from 1971 I uploaded on YouTube.

    Kaiser, you can see the documentary “Dateline Bangladesh” here.

  4. Khan says:

    NO video is available.

  5. bitterboy says:

    Thanks, Mash for this invaluable video of Sheik Mujib heroic home-coming from the jail of Pakistan as the Creator of New Independent Bangladesh.

    I was in the very crowd of lakhs as your video shows. First, I was at the top roof of Tejgoan college waiting his return. He was 2-3 hours late for schedule. When his open truck had came upto the point of Tejgaon college I came down to the streets of laks and walked to the race-course maidan half-alive due to massive thrust of human flood.

    Till that point of his speech he was my the greatest hero, even dearer than my life but his speech had really killed me and from that very moment I was too negative about Sheik Mujib.
    Yet, I always pray for him as to err is humans. May Allah bestow his soul with eternal solace and peace.


  6. Jyoti says:

    I may regret this, but here goes. Bitterboy, what did Mujib say in that speech that changed your mind? And please, don’t go off to a tirade about how bad Awami League is or long historical monologues.

  7. Mash says:

    Jyoti, I resisted 🙂

  8. Ingrid says:

    is this something you could share with the genocide awareness group on Facebook?
    I’ve been trying to figure things out on there (Facebook) and I think they need to figure out (the genocide awareness group)what they need to do in order to disseminate the info that they want people to see..
    have a good weekend Mash,

  9. Mash says:

    Ingrid, thanks. I just posted some links, including one back to my blog, at the Genocide Awareness group.

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