I Hate Plumbers

I hate plumbers.

John McCain says plumbers make over a quarter million dollars a year. I have no sympathy for Joe or any other big earner plumber who may see their taxes go up. I say, it’s about time that I got some of my money back.

I have had a leak under the tub in my hall bathroom for three years now. The leak comes and goes, and no one seems to be able to figure out where it is coming from. So, I called a plumber. After a giant hole was cut in my drywall and $400 was handed over I was told the leak was fixed. It was not. The leak reappeared a few weeks later. I called the same plumber back and was told that I would be charged more to fix the same problem.

So I called another plumber. The second plumber said the first plumber didn’t know what he was doing. After another $250 and another hole in the drywall – in a different location – I was told the problem was fixed. It was not. In a few weeks the leak reappeared.

A third plumber, then a fourth, and a few more came to collect money from me to fix this mysterious leak. All told I am out over $2000 for a plumbing problem that remains unfixed three years after it first emerged.

So, I would love to get some of the money back the quarter millionaire plumbers have taken from me.

If there’s a plumber out there, licensed or otherwise, who can actually fix the leak in my house, I am willing to change my mind.

Until then, I will throw my support in with Barack Obama and his tax cuts for all hard working Americans making less than a quarter million dollars a year.

Plumbers, especially ones earning over a quarter million dollars a year, you get no sympathy from me.

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  1. Ingrid says:

    GOOD ONE!! (well, sorry about your ‘leak’ [g])


  2. Ingrid says:

    I linked to this post..it’s too funny..


  3. Mash says:

    Hey Ingrid, thanks for the link 🙂

    This will be my one and only “Joe the Plumber” post. I am not big on the plumber vote – at least not until the bathroom leak is fixed.

  4. Ingrid says:

    one of ‘my readers’ (meaning, the few bloggers who are so kind to visit my site you can count them on two hands but anyhoo [g])..she made a funny comment about the fact that her and her husband both have plummers in the family and swear they’re richer than everyone else…ha!


  5. Jim says:

    McAsswipe doesn’t have a clue! one of my sons who is now a lifer was a plumber! I believe the average income is $54 thousand! I have to laugh! before I read this I was thinking most of them will milk it for $2,000 that seems to be the magic number. One got us for $4,000 and ended up redoing the whole cellar and in the end I am the one who figured out where the leak was.

  6. Ike says:

    I’m sure there are some licensed plumbers out there who know their profession and charge us only for the job they do right, just as there must be some honest, decent people that still register as Republicans… somewhere. But while we are exchanging notes on Joe, let me go public on how I was charged $4,000 (and my landscaped backyard completely destroyed) for a breakage they failed to find any evidence for after they’d dug through twelve feet of dirt. Of course, I had to threaten them with a stopped check before they returned to “fix” the actual issue that I’m afraid will recur any time now…

    …just in case you were wondering why and how Joe may be losing sleep over too much taxes!

  7. Mash says:

    Clearly, we are seeing plumber backlash here 🙂

  8. SS says:

    I hate Joe the Plumber and I am sick to see him gaining so much attention. If he is a representation of the “average American”, that is pitiful and I feel sorry for all of the people out there who are jumping on the bandwagon and chanting “I am Joe the Plumber.” I am from Toledo and I don’t understand where his point of view is coming from??? Most of the plumbers I know do charge too much for the work performed but still do not make any where near a quarter of a million!! I heard today that Joe is going to Hollywood to rub elbows with people like Mariah Carey and Brittany Spears at a celebrity function after leaving New York, departing from his interviews and T.V. appearances, are you joking me???? I also heard that Joe the Plumber is the hottest Halloween costume this year….again, are you joking me???? I can’t wait until the elections are over, maybe his stardom will be too!!

  9. jasper says:

    I don’t hate plumbers. In fact I have high regards for their choice of profession, and their willingness to do the stinky jobs at times.
    But I sure as hell HATE Joe-the-plumber and his inanity and dishonesty and his effort in twisting Obama’s fiscal policy in to some socialist agenda.

  10. John says:

    I’m a licensed Plumber in NC, and GA. These people you have trying to fix a roof leak or moisture problem are not good Plumbers. There are very few Plumbers that go to a job. They send other men to work under there license.(Joe the Idot Plumber Helper) Rule No1. Pipes don’t leak some times. They leak every time they are in use if there is a problem. Domestic water pipe or Sanitary Sewer either way. Because you spent so much money. These guys seem to be a little smarter than you. So This is what you do. Turn them in to the licenseing board. The state will fix the problem you are dealing with. If they have a license.(no chance) They will be put on probabtion or loose there license. If there boss has a license they will deal with him.(helpers fired) If they don’t have a license the state will put them on a list that will result in a Crime if they conduct any plumbing and possible Jail. Real Plumbers do a good job and leave people very happy most of the time. My boss makes more the 250,000 a year. I only make about 50,000 but, I will vote for McCain for sure. I bust my ass and pay taxes too. I think John the Plumber sounds better anyway. Don’t hate the Plumbers. And don’t spell Plumber like the retard above did. plummer Find a good Roofer.

  11. Dave Grady Master Plumber says:

    you ignorant fuck you have never done a ohnest day of hard labor in your life i wish i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth when was the last time you worked outside when it was 10 degrees oh that would be never but then again i never crashed a plain or ran from the flight deck while courages people put out a fire us millionare plumbers as you say keep you safe from disease we work our ass off and have to listen to rich fucks like you complain about how much we charge ever hyeard of overhead asshole and any money we do make you douchebag politicians take from us and how is a plumber supposed to fix A LEAK WITHOUT MAKING A HOLE mabey you should ask yourself why you didnt get elected its because your an asshole

  12. Dave Grady Master Plumber says:

    I’m not done YET; you spent millions of dollars trying to get elected to sit in the hitehouse and do nothing! You start a fucking war and send this country into the toilet – excuse the pun – not!!! you fucking politicans sit there and watch the country go into a depression – not a recession!!! and you still get your kick backs and inflated sallaries!!! you let the oil industry and healthcare go unregulated!!!open your fucking eyes your country is dying and the only people keeping it afloat are the ones you are fucking over with every tax you can dream up!!! do you enjoy being able to take a shit indoors in the morning?!?! then you should be thanking me instead of being a fucking asshole!! p.s. how did that presidential race go for you tiger box boy?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  13. Dave Grady Master Plumber says:

    and one more thing asshole, we are the people that keep you warm, give you light and water – things you take for granted. but that’s a politician for you! i cant begin to tell you how much that idiotic statement bothers me! i had to work and go to night school for 3 years to get my journeymans’ license and then another year for my masters’ license mabey you should be fucking happy you got your leak fixed! maybe it wasn’t the first time, but there are guys that can’t get the job done right in all fields – i think you know that!!! and by the way asshole why would you wait 3 years to fix a fucking leak? the trophy wife drain your bank account? i think i am done now but remember the little people asshole – we pay your useless sallary!!!!

  14. Dave Grady Master Plumber says:

    one more thing you pretentious asshole – i want some money back from all the fucking planes you crashed – you fly like mr. magoo!!! $500 for a leak – $5 million for a plane multiplied by how many planes? they would have thrown your ass out if daddy wasn’t an admiral! you rich kids are all the same – trying to please daddy – but too much of a pussy to do anything about it!!! we are your people and you disgraced us for the hardfucking work we do! i ask you, do you pay workers’ comp. insurance, liability insurance overhead to run a buisness? its fucking absurd! not to mention health insurance! plumbers can’t raise their rates 20 to 40 % every year and you fucks don’t do a thing about it! guess that’s called being in my pocket(huh) maybe you should focus a little more on your job – whatever it is you fucking do (i know it doesn’t involve getting your hands dirty) and get us out of the fucking mess we are in!!!Hey why don’t you come to work with me one day and we will go to some douche bag’s house to fix a leak that’s been leaking for 3 years; i will watch and you can fix the leak without cutting a hole in the drywall then we will refill the flux capisitier with trash and fly off into the future dickwad!!!

  15. Poppy Scott says:

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