Breaking: Tanks Roll Toward Dhaka

The Associated Press is reporting the following breaking news:

Local media say army tanks are rolling toward the Bangladeshi capital hours after the prime minister warned mutinous border guards to end their two-day rebellion.

The revolt by border guards angry over pay spread from the capital Thursday despite an agreement with the original band of mutineers to surrender. That agreement later appeared to founder.

Private television stations reported that several tanks had taken up positions near the compound seized by the guards Wednesday.

At least 10 people have been confirmed dead in Dhaka, but officials fear up to 50 people may have been killed there.

BBC also reports that heavy gunfire has resumed at BDR headquarters and the Prime Minister has warned of tough action:

Bangladesh’s prime minister has warned she will take tough action against mutinous border guards unless they surrender their weapons immediately.

“Do not force me to take tough actions or push my patience beyond tolerable limits,” Sheikh Hasina said.

A mutiny by the paramilitary troops in Dhaka on Wednesday has spread outside the capital, reports say.

Latest reports from Dhaka speak of at least 10 tanks moving towards the border guards’ headquarters.

In a televised address to the nation earlier on Thursday, the prime minister warned the mutineers: “Lay down your guns immediately and go back to barracks.”

However, heavy gunfire resumed on Thursday at the border guards’ barracks in the Pilkhana area of Dhaka, where a small number of guards had begun surrendering their weapons.

Schools in the surrounding area have been closed for the day.

Mobile phone services have been suspended across the country, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission said, in a bid to stop the rebellion spreading, although there is thought to be service in some parts of Dhaka.

The situation is escalating at a rapid pace. With tanks on the streets, further bloodshed seems assured.

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4 Responses to Breaking: Tanks Roll Toward Dhaka

  1. Ingrid says:

    I have been away too long. This is the one thing I do miss with not having cable..I hope your family will be ok..I’ll be checking back in..

    btw..great new careful, you might turn into Robbie!! *[g]


  2. dudeDAC says:

    you may be interested in these photos. they are not as sexy as the ones where people are right next to the tanks, or running along, or other more fun and casual ones i have seen recent on flickr and blogs but this is what we saw on dhanmondi rd#27.

    also, hello to you ingrid.

  3. Mash says:

    Good to see you dude. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Very sad. My first clear recollections of tanks rumbling down the streets of Dhaka is 1975. Its never a good thing.

  4. dudeDAC says:

    hmmm, my wifes family was posted here than, mine was posted here during the zia 81 killing, and we have both been here the last 2 yrs during the “care-taker” gov.

    these might possibly be the same tanks you saw…

    things are murkier than ever before, would be nice to hear what is being said and discussed outside the country.

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