March Madness

My bracket (click image to enlarge):

My daughter’s bracket (click image to enlarge):

My daughter, by picking by jersey colors and other advanced techniques, has beaten me the last two years. This year, she initially wanted to pick Wisconsin to go all the way because they make good cheese there. But, then she decided she preferred Tennessee over Wisconsin because there is a Samoyed breeder in Tennessee that she likes. Somehow we both ended up with Louisville winning it all.

Incidentally, Barack Obama has North Carolina beating Louisville in the Championship Game. Obama’s bracket is here.

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5 Responses to March Madness

  1. Robbie says:

    Since SDSU wasn’t selected for the big dance (NIT bound), I didn’t bother with one this year. I’ll just root for Texas as usual.

  2. Atif C. says:

    I was so sad that Vandy did not make it this year :-/

    • Mash says:

      I usually pick them and Maryland and get burned 🙁

      Late last night I switched to Butler over LSU. I wish I hadnt done that!

  3. dt says:

    Mash – I think this is fantastic! I had a friend who was in a NFL “confidence pool” for years and knew nothing of football. His choices were driven by (in order) how cute the quarterback was, colours of uniforms (Tampa Bay wore that creamsicle orange in those days and he LOVED that), and how warm the venue would be (home team from south – picked). Thanks for sharing!


    • Mash says:

      LOL, dt. This may be the year I crush my daughter in the pool! 🙂

      My bracket is looking good in the office pool. Now Louisville and Syracuse need to bring it home for me.

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