Obama At Ray’s Hell Burger

President Obama and Vice President Biden were at Ray’s Hell Burger yesterday for lunch. Ray’s is a burger restaurant in Arlington, Virginia and one of our lunch hangouts. I am generally not a burger lover, but Ray’s makes some awesome burgers. My personal favorite from their menu is the Big Punisher with a side of tots. Yum!

Now that the President has visited, I expect the crowds in the already cramped restaurant will be much worse.

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4 Responses to Obama At Ray’s Hell Burger

  1. mariachi mama says:

    Hey, Hi. I have been off line for a long time and was looking for you. Good to see you again, Mash.

  2. BIZsamba says:

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  3. BraveJeWorld says:

    Obama’s speech in Cairo is only the first step in many towards any kind of dialogue with America’s current day enemies. The speech was largely vague and lacking in detail and its effects will only really be seen from the action that follows it both in the US and the Arab world.

  4. Joe Beau says:

    Apparently the Doctor isn’t in.

    Dr., where have you been?

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