Sarah Palin Implodes

Sarah Palin just resigned as Alaska governor. She announced her resignation inĀ an odd rambling speech. Pundits in the media are speculating the resignation frees her up to run for president in 2012. Hogwash. No one resigns their first term as Governor with such a nutball speech and expects to have a national political future. She is a trainwreck.

I am guessing the real reason for her resignation will come out in short order. When it does, it will sell a lot of tabloids.

Play her off, keyboard cat:

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4 Responses to Sarah Palin Implodes

  1. ryptide says:

    I <3 keyboard cat.

  2. Robster says:

    Check out Brad Blog. It likely has to do with similar building materials used in her home as well as the Wasilla Sports Complex. Seems like Sarah Palin was doing “politics as usual” when she was mayor of Wasilla.

  3. Jane Wright says:

    Sarah Palin ROCKS! Shes got that new show on now i guess, real american stories… haven’t watched it yet but it should be good!

  4. News71 says:

    Sarah palin….we love you…

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