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Coalition Of The Willing

  "We thank the 36 nations who have troops on the ground in Iraq and the many others who are helping that young democracy." – George W. Bush, September 14, 2007   Click the image to enlarge.

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Allawi The Fabulist

Juan Cole reported earlier this week on a rumor that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki might be toppled in a coup. This rumor comes in the midst of intensifying pressure on Maliki from the Bush administration and members of congress. … Continue reading

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The Surge By The Numbers

The public relations campaign ahead of the Surgin’ General’s report this September has been fierce. The White House and its surrogates have been beating the drums about the military successes of the "surge". Those who are opposed to Mr. Bush’s … Continue reading

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The Wrong Way Forward In Iraq

From the outset of the Iraq invasion the Bush Administration has acted as a force of instability in Iraq. Continued American presence in Iraq will only add to further instability. The smart kids in Washington are warning against a "precipitous … Continue reading

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Saving The Presidency From The President

William Kristol continues to peddle his delusion today in the Washington Post. Kristol thinks that George W Bush will be remembered as a successful president. He cites "progress" in Iraq: The fact is that military progress on the ground in … Continue reading

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