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Blithering Idiot

In the aftermath of the BDR mutiny in Bangladesh that may have killed up to 170 people, Dean Nelson, the South Asia editor of the British newspaper Telegraph, thinks he has figured it out. He thinks himself clever because he … Continue reading

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CNN Does A Hit Job On Obama

I just watched a hit job on Barack Obama on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. In their "Keeping Them Honest" segment Tom Foreman looked at Obama’s press conference and said that Obama was pulling back on his campaign promises. This was news … Continue reading

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ABC News Gets It Spectacularly Wrong

In an article on Barack Obama’s rally today in Florida, ABC News gets the date of John McCain’s article in Contingencies magazine spectacularly wrong. ABC News writes: Obama used McCain’s words – and the financial crisis against him – reading … Continue reading

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Documenting The Meltdown: Part II

If you are keeping score at home, John McCain has cancelled his scheduled interview with Larry King of CNN to protest CNN questioning McCain’s spokesman last night about Sarah Palin’s qualifications. The interview that Senator McCain thinks is out of bounds is … Continue reading

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One For The Road

Today Tim Russert was laid to rest. Over the weekend the Boss dedicated "Thunder Road" to him. For those of us of a certain age "Thunder Road" is an anthem of sorts. It is arguably one of the greatest rock … Continue reading

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