Welcome To The Machine

Tony SnowFox News has been often accused of being a mouthpiece for the Bush Administration. They have always denied the charge and asserted that they are "fair and balanced". Tonight Fox News decided not to fight the truth anymore and has wholeheartedly embraced the moniker. Tony Snow of Fox News is now the official mouthpiece of the Bush Administration.

I finally understand the tag line of The Tony Snow Show on Fox News: "The Power of FOX. The Connections of Snow."



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2 Responses to Welcome To The Machine

  1. LAKingsFan57 says:

    No surprise here. He did his training with Fox News Network and now he’ll get to hold court with his former colleagues as his captive audience.

    Since he was offered the job, his account and posts at FreeRepublic have been removed. I thought that was interesting.

  2. World News says:

    I appreciate the work you have put in your blog. It looks great.

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