I Survived Blogathon 2006

Blogathon 2006 ended at 9 a.m. Sunday morning. For the 24 hours preceding the end, my fellow bloggers from Bloggers Against Torture and I managed to hammer out 53 posts on torture. You can read all the posts here. I have also created a handy list of all the posts here for easy access.

This year’s Blogathon raised $100,015.49 for various worthy charities. Bloggers Against Torture raised $1167 for Amnesty International USA. You can see a complete list of all the bloggers that participated and how much money they raised for their respective charities here. The Blogathon started with 400 participating bloggers but only 285 bloggers survived the 24 hours of non-stop blogging.

I wanted to take the time to thank our sponsors for your support and your generous contributions to Amnesty International USA. Those of us who were blogging felt motivated during the waning hours when our minds had turned to mush by your generosity and compassion. Here is a list of all our sponsors and a link to the web sites that they represented (some sponsors pledged anonymously, so thank you to you too – you know who you are):

We also just had a new sponsor sign up a little while ago. I don’t have the new sponsor’s information yet. When I do, I will add the sponsor to this list. If you are still interested in becoming a sponsor, you can do so until 9 a.m. Tuesday (August 1, 2006). Just click on the sponsorship link on the sidebar to sign up. The list of all sponsors is also posted on the Bloggers Against Torture web site.

I also want to thank the Bloggers Against Torture bloggers who toiled with me throughout the 24 hours to write some worthy posts. Here is a list of my fellow insomniacs:

I want to especially thank The Heathlander for organizing the schedule and maintaining order throughout the 24 hours. Not only did he manage the posting schedule, he also found time to write posts himself. That is quite a feat – especially when you have to deal with bloggers spread throughout the world trying to post in a coherent manner every 30 minutes. I also want to thank elendil of Rummy’s Diaries for founding Bloggers Against Torture and offering her time and resources generously to the effort. She is the glue that holds this rag tag group of a few hundred bloggers together and is not nearly thanked enough for her dedication and boundless energy.

Finally, I want to thank Crooks and Liars for mentioning Bloggers Against Torture and the Blogathon yesterday on their blog roundup. I also want to thank Taylor Marsh for allowing me to post an announcement about the Blogathon yesterday on her blog.

Until next year…

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3 Responses to I Survived Blogathon 2006

  1. Hear hear! Cheers Mash, ’till next year indeed.

  2. Robbie says:

    I think you forgot someone on that blogger list (cough, cough) :d

  3. bodda says:

    untill next year…

    i join voice with you in thanking heathlander and everyone else. not to mention, elendil herself.

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