“This Madness Must Stop”


Senator Hagel on the floor of the Senate
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[Via Taylor Marsh]

With Republicans like these who needs Democrats. Let’s hope the Democrats can find some backbone by following Senator Hagel’s lead.

Sadly, I doubt they will.

CNN has the story.

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9 Responses to “This Madness Must Stop”

  1. Robbie says:

    They won’t, and if John Kerry has anything to say about it, it will happen after the troops pull out. I have a lot of repsect for Hagel and Murtha. They’ve been to war and know firsthand what goes on, unlike the chickenhawks/cheerleaders who have likely never fired a gun at another human being in their lives.

  2. TedB says:

    The ChickenHawks do indeed fire weapons at other humanbeings – see Dick Cheney fireing a shotgun at a campaign contributor.

    Yes it is madness over there. Sadly the cycle of violence seems unending. It will ultimately stop only when a strong majority can enforce forgivness on both sides for the wrongs, crimes, savagery perpetrated on the innocent by those with long memories and an agenda to gain power over others.

    I heard a snippet of a song a few days ago, the singer I don’t recall (India Ire?), but the song was about Nelson Mandela and his choice to forgive his oppressors and their crimes against him. If he can do that, how is it we can’t seem to rise to the occasion in our lives? I find it hard but I try. When the Middle East can meet this challenge, we will see Peace.

    I pray that it is soon.


  3. Group Captain Mandrake says:

    At least this will tone down some of the Rethuglicans’ “cut n’ run” rhetoric…especially since so much of it came from Chucky-boy! I gotta hand it to him, though…given his past over-the-top rhetoric directed at Democrats and Murtha specifically, it took a lot of guts to come out with the plain truth now. So, kudos to Chuck. :d

    I still don’t understand why Dems don’t give everyone a history lesson. The only ones to “cut n’ run” in the 20th century were Republicans: Eisenhower from Korea, Nixon from Vietnam, Reagan from Lebanon. Of course, in each case I think they made the right choice, and that in fact is the point: we can no longer do ANY GOOD in Iraq, our presence there only makes things worse. Time to follow the REPUBLICAN example and get out now!

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  5. Mash says:

    Mandrake, I believe the first American President to use the phrase “cut and run” was Ronald Reagan 4 days before he reversed course and withdrew American troops from Lebanon.

  6. bharath says:

    The democrats seem to fear Rove more than anyone. For the fear being called anti-Israelite they have lacked all courage of conviction to call the end to violence on innocents. Barrack Obama recently gave an inspirational speech about how Democrats should not avoid issue of faith and I wondered if he would include that they should not avoid speaking of their convictions. Where is Obama now?

    When did it become okay to kill 1000 innocents to kill a few guilty? When did it become okay to answer every imagination of threat with military force? This culture needs to be reversed before it takes root in our consciousness.

  7. Mash says:

    bharat, the Dems are so afraid of losing in November, they are forgetting how to win. Although Schumer came out big time last Sunday FOR killing.

  8. bharath says:

    These days Schummer is on the wrong side of most issues. But I am also disappointed by Feingold, Hillary, and Obama. Howard Dean and Pelosi have been more impressive on the issue of corruption.

    But where is Energy Independence? where is stem cell research? They should be talking about it every opportunity they get. Gay marriage is not a comfortable issue for “DC politicians” both dems and repugs. perhaps Ned Lamont will change it.

  9. Group Captain Mandrake says:

    Aw, c’mon, Mash, Ronnie was sleepy when he said that. Just as he was when Poindexter was filming those too-hot-for-TV “Ollie Goes Wild!” infomercials for the Iranians. The universe should have known enough to schedule world-affecting events around Ronnie’s “nap n’ cookie” time.

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