Guest Blogging At Taylor Marsh’s Blog

I am pleased to announce that I will be guest blogging at Taylor Marsh’s blog every Sunday. I am very thankful that Taylor has given me this opportunity to reach a larger audience. I will be adding my perspective on foreign policy and torture issues to her regular posts. My first post on North Korea went up today. Please head on over to Taylor Marsh’s blog when you get a chance.


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13 Responses to Guest Blogging At Taylor Marsh’s Blog

  1. Look at Mash making the big time! ^:)^

    Congrats. You do a fine job and I’m sure Taylor’s readers will migrate over here and see what they’re missing.

  2. Alfredo says:

    Congratulations! This is excellent news. I am very happy to see that more people will have a chance to benefit from your insightful commentary.


  3. sunrunner says:

    Well big kudos for you! Taylor’s blog is a real favorite!

  4. Ingrid says:

    Pardon me for never even heard of her (but I had heard of you, ahem). Congratulations, just make sure when you get the ‘big offer’ hold out for plenty of’re worth every penny of it! It’s only a matter of time now Mash, everyone else will discover why we always keep coming back!

  5. Zebster says:

    \:d/ Well deserved, Mash. But will he remember his legions as he moves on and up? 😕

  6. Mash says:

    Zebster, amnesia is already setting in :d

    Thanks all for the comments. I hope you will keep coming back here as this is my only home on the Internet. I plan on crossposting my Sunday post that first appears here to Taylor’s site. I think her plan is to post my articles at 5pm every Sunday.

    Ingrid, you should check her blog out. There’s a lot of good commentary on Iraq and the current Mid East madness.

    The best part of blogging for me is the sense of community and a sensible exchange of ideas. I love the comments we exchange here and I actually never thought when I started this that people would actually read my ramblings. But, to my surprise, we have become a virtual community with members from practically all over the world. It really does give me hope to know that sane people seem to exist in all parts of the globe. You guys (those with blogs) are my regular reads and thanks to elendil and Bloggers Against Torture my regular reads are becoming longer and longer! @-)

    One day we should have our own version of YearlyKos (how about YearlyBAT! 😕 ).

    What I like about blogging is the sharing of ideas. What I don’t like about blogging (as I commented on Robbie’s site once) is a lot of the sniping and mudslinging that I see occurring on some well known blogs. That is all inside baseball and I wonder how many readers who actually care about the issues care about which blogger said what to which other blogger and when. :-&

    I see that I have rambled, so I will wrap up by saying that I really appreciate the conversations we have here and I hope that the sense of community we are creating continues.

    Thanks all. @};- (the rose is for Ingrid and all the ladies in the crowd, for the rest of you: (*) )

  7. Zebster says:

    Maybe I wanted a rose too. LOL I agree with you’re rambling about how satisfying this can be. You should also give yourself credit for how well you write, which explains why you have readers.

  8. Mash says:

    Thanks Zebster. Ok, here’s one for you: @};-

  9. Bengali Fob says:

    Mash is a rockstar!! Except he should be playing the tabla! GO MASH GO! (you should be honoured Mash. That cheer was reserved strictly for Zidane for two weeks! lol!)

    Keep up the great work and btw, I would like candy instead of roses and stars. Oh, and also your autograph with comments like ‘Bengali Fob is my #1 weird fan!’ \:d/

  10. Mash says:

    For my #1 weird fan:

  11. Mash says:

    Fob, don’t eat all the chocolates at once! :d

  12. heh. . Good luck . . n noice chocolates o_0 :((

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