What We Have Lost, Part Deux

Bill Clinton exposes the Fox News hit job and sets the record straight:

President Bill Clinton on Fox News Sunday

George W Bush explains why we attacked the wrong country:


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4 Responses to What We Have Lost, Part Deux

  1. Ingrid says:

    Kel (osterley times) posted on this as well and he had a partial transcript. Since I changed to my husband’s computer, I have no sound connection yet so unfortunately, can’t listen in! So that’s an alternative if anyone cannot access sound either..

  2. Mash says:

    Ingrid, click the link that I provided. It goes to Crooks and Liars. They have a transcript.

  3. Zafa says:

    Your Bush-Clinton appraisals remind me of the comments we often get in our blog (http://www.drishtipat.org/blog/) every time there’s some comparison of Khaleda-Hasina (those who don’t know or care: these ladies are the present and past prime ministers of Bladeshang) or Zia-Ershad (last two presidents of BD before it became a parliamentary govt). Some people always complain that the bashing or ridiculing is not constructive, doesn’t get us anywhere…blah…blah…
    To that I say ‘one positive contribution by the high profile morons are the entertainment they provide for us’. Bush will be remembered in history for being the buffoon who instigated the worst upheaval of the religiously biased terrorism.

  4. Mash says:

    Zafa, usually these things aren’t very constructive. However, the difference between the two is so stark, it helps to remind people that we were not always the butt of all jokes.

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