And Justice For All…

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  1. AsifY says:

    Your blog was the first I checked after I read the news on BBC. How relieved are you?:)

  2. Mash says:

    Given where I live, I am tempted to say “Sic semper tyrannis” but that phrase has all sorts of baggage.

    His exit reinforces my faith in this form of government – that it can right itself by pitting branches of government against each other in constant friction. I wont miss his advocacy of torture, his politicization of the justice department or his mental gymnastics around the truth. I think a sad chapter in American government is coming to a close, but the damage will take a while to recover from.

    But ultimately Gonzo was an errand boy for this White House. Gonzo was part of an administration that oversaw a significant erosion of civil liberties in this country as both WH counsel and AG. It will take a long time for the pendulum to swing back. He won’t be missed and history will remember him only as a footnote.

  3. ZaFa says:

    Can you imagine, after the allegations and criticisms that dragged on senate floors for months, and all the disgraceful actions Gonzo had been implicated in to and the blatant lies he lied, his puppeteer Bush had the audacity to blame Gonzo’s demise on the congress! He dared call the resignation a result of political conspiracy.

    Gonzo is not just a political stooge, he’s an ignominy to the millions of immigrants and minorities as well. And now his replacement will be a punching-bag in the upcoming election and take all the heats for the WH…
    But good news is, Congress is strong in its resolve to get to the bottom of all the controversies.


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