Evil Force

The army chief in Bangladesh, Moeen U Ahmed, has blamed last week’s protests and riots in Bangladesh on "evil forces". In response to the riots the military government has beaten students mercilessly, detained and assaulted journalists, detained and allegedly tortured five prominent university professors, and in an act of Orwellian madness filed cases against over 60,000 unknown protesters.

Below are some scenes from last week’s protests and riots as Bangladesh boiled over. See if you can spot the "evil forces":

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2 Responses to Evil Force

  1. Gabriel says:

    Bangladesh deserves much better than this..I must say that I find the blog most interesting and I shall be bookmarking it for further visits.

    I hope some of your readers will visit my blog ‘An Unrepentant Communist’..


    Greetings to you all from County Kerry in Ireland

  2. Babul says:

    Hello everyone,
    I think to take people away and torture them is absolutely unacceptable. But in Bangladesh both sides are to be blamed. Some of the students actually take things too far and break everything in their way either out of rage or to strike fear into regular people in order to make their political party stronger. People are tired of both extremes.

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